Young Fathers Standing United is a Detroit based 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our primary mission is to reduce the infant mortality rate throughout Wayne County through the support, development and empowerment of new and expecting fathers. 

We strongly believe that by educating and mentoring willing participants to embrace the duty, beauty and responsibilities of their vital roles, we can revive a generation of stronger families, partners and providers.  


Concerns about teenage parents focused attention almost exclusively on mothers, resulting in little attention given to young fathers. Consequently, young dads are often neglected and overlooked as potential resources for their children

Detroit Dads Rock!

Baby Boy, Baby Girl
Mint Condition & Anthony Hamilton (E-Life)

Board Of Directors

  • Quan Fish, President/CEO
  • Tamika Johnson, Secretary
  • Stanford Dickson, Treasurer
  • Burk Knotts, Board Member
  • Albert Pack, Board Member